Ransomware Comes in many flavors. This one comes after your cryptocurrency. Want to know what a digital pickpocket looks like? Check out this article from ZDNet.

Source: zdnet.com | Re-Post Arete Technology Systems 8/30/2018

An old form of ransomware has been repurposed to steal Bitcoin by altering the addresses of wallets and redirecting payments into accounts owned by the attacker.

Little of the malicious code has been changed so a number of security products will still identify it as the same file-locking malware, despite the version’s new tactic of stealing cryptocurrency.

Detailed by researchers at Fortinet, the Bitcoin-stealing campaign has its origins in Jigsaw — a form of ransomware which appeared in April 2016, which was infamous for displaying the face of horror film protagonist it was named after.

The source code of Jigsaw has been available for a long time and is widely distributed online, so the attack is unlikely to be the work of the original ransomware author, as anyone with knowledge of C# code could theoretically tailor the malware to their own ends.

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